Глава 30
Metaobject Protocol

 30.1 Concepts
  30.1.1 Introduction
  30.1.2 Введение
  30.1.3 Inheritance Structure of Metaobject Classes
  30.1.4 Processing of the User Interface Macros
  30.1.5 Subprotocols
 30.2 Generic Functions and Methods Dictionary
  30.2.1 Initialization of Class Metaobjects
  30.2.2 Initialization of Generic Function Metaobjects
  30.2.3 Initialization of Method Metaobjects
  30.2.4 Initialization of Slot Definition Metaobjects
  30.2.5 Readers for Class Metaobjects
  30.2.6 Readers for Generic Function Metaobjects
  30.2.7 Readers for Method Metaobjects
  30.2.8 Readers for Slot Definition Metaobjects

Book: Art Of Metaobject Protocol

Chapters 5,6

Authors: Gregor Kiczales, Jim des Rivieres, and Daniel G. Bobrow